Marketing Proposal of Consumer Insight Driven Fashion Sustainability Initiative for
GhimLi Garment Manufacturer

Created In: 2023  
Skills: Market Research and Analysis, Strategic Planning and Problem-Solving, Communication and Engagement, Project Management, Design and Creativity, Adaptability and Continuous Learning
Medium: Figma, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Canvas, Miro

        The primary objective of this project is to thoroughly explore and understand public attitudes and behaviors toward slow fashion and responsible clothing recycling. A key aspect of this investigation is to discern how different age groups perceive and engage with these sustainable practices. This research will play a pivotal role in positioning Ghim Li as a forward-thinking, sustainable manufacturer, aligning with the ongoing transition towards sustainability in the market.

Key Strategies:
        The primary strategy for the project revolves around narrowing the gap between consumer awareness and actionable behaviors towards sustainable fashion. 

  1. Consumer Engagement and Education:
    • Conduct in-depth research to understand consumer perceptions and behaviors towards fast fashion and sustainable alternatives.
    • Focus on raising awareness by providing reliable and accessible information about sustainable fashion products to everyday shoppers, especially targeting Generation Z due to their significant impact on fashion trends and adept use of social media and technology.

  2. Innovative Campaigns and Tools:
    • Implement the 'Weave Sustainability' experience campaign, which includes pop-up events, educational experiences on recycling, and a recycled T-shirt swap program, to engage consumers directly and demonstrate Ghim Li's commitment to sustainable fashion.
    • Introduce the 'Weave Sustainability Tag', an innovative label providing clear information on the sustainable classification of garment materials, integrated with QR codes for enhanced consumer engagement and transparency.

  3. Encouraging Actionable Change:
    • Provide tangible recycling opportunities for consumers at events and campaigns, enabling them to experience the benefits of sustainable practices firsthand.
    • Develop initiatives that incentivize consumers to participate in recycling actions, potentially collaborating with governmental bodies to expand a reward and grading system. This would encourage more informed and sustainable choices in clothing purchases and disposal.

  4. Long-Term Vision and Collaboration:
    • Work towards establishing a higher standard in the fashion industry by continuously developing and refining strategies that align with the evolving market and environmental needs.
    • Explore partnerships with government and retail entities to promote and facilitate sustainable practices more broadly within the industry.

Awarded - First Prize

The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.