This site︎ was created by Yu Jialing(Hellen) to showcase her works︎ & connect︎ with people.

Yu Jialing is a multidisciplinary designer who is helping others to bring their idea to life.  She is a BA design student of NAFA in singapore.


What Makes / Drives Me
  • Global Insights and Adaptability:
    Hellen's experiences as a global citizen, observing the evolution of markets from traditional offline realms to digitally-driven platforms in diverse environments like the US, UK, and Singapore, have endowed her with a deep understanding of the importance of data analysis and innovation in a constantly changing business landscape.

  • Passion for Design and Strategic Innovation:
    As a design major, Hellen realized the significance of market research and consumer insights beyond just visual storytelling. This was particularly evident when she helped a garment manufacturer with their marketing strategy, underscoring for her the crucial connection between strategic innovation and business growth. Her pursuit of professional development in Business Analytics and Market Research further reflects this interest.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit:
    Managing her own online shops, Hellen honed her innovative and entrepreneurial skills. She effectively used digital marketing strategies and data analysis to improve user engagement and boost sales, demonstrating her practical grasp of market dynamics.

  • Aspirations in Consulting and Entrepreneurship:
    Hellen aspires to join a leading consulting firm, focusing on helping startups with strategic analysis and innovation. Ultimately, she aims to leverage her experience to establish her own startup, applying innovative strategies and data-driven approaches for success in a competitive market.

  • Educational Goals:
    Pursuing the MSc in Strategic Analysis and Innovation is a strategic step for Hellen in her career journey. She aims to integrate her design background and market experience into strategic decision-making processes. Her focus is on understanding business models in various cultural contexts and effectively responding to the challenges and opportunities in startup environments.


The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.