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Design Theory

Week 14 Good Design
What is Good Design:

Good design is innovative. The possibilities for innovation are far from exhausted. The development of technology continues to provide new entrances for future design concepts to enhance the use-value of products. Innovation in design is always connected with innovation in technology and is never an end in itself.

Week 10 Vernacular
How vernacular designs contribute to sustainable community?

The vernacular design carries a civilized identity and culture, such as language, customs, values, and beliefs. It also represents the relationship between environment, culture, and society to create the best relationship between people and the environment. The first video mentioned that this problem was highlighted during the epidemic period. During this period, the Internet has connected people more effectively, and more people are discussing issues related to rural design and cultural identity on the Internet. As a result, many problems have received attention and improvement. The vernacular design is a product left over after the precipitation and selection of time, and its connotation should be worthy of attention.

Week 9 Grouping Activity:
Complete 1 pictogram in a group based on the activity and pop-culture

Sepak Takraw + Marvel

Week 2 Age of Discovery Observe-Ponder-Investigate the ancient practice of Kalinga Tattoo and Nurture your interest by further exploring that topic. Note it, Draw it and Express it! In this discussion board, share your view of the recent controversy. 
1. Why is the practice of Kalinga Tattoo significant to the tribe?
2. Give one suggestion as how we can preserve ancient cultural practices to today's society?

1. Why is the practice of Kalinga Tattoo significant to the tribe?

Kalinga tattoos represent the identity of the tribe and the status of the main characters. For tribal men, tattoos represent the courage and stage of being a Kalinga warrior, while for women, tattoos symbolize maturity, fertility and beauty.

The process of tattooing is called batok among the Kalinga, and the resulting design symbolizes strength and strength—so much so that dinuras (women without tattoos) are often seen as imperfect and ashamed.

2. Give one suggestion as how we can preserve ancient cultural practices to today's society?

Cultural heritage is the crystallization of the wisdom of our ancestors. It intuitively reflects this important process of human social development. It has historical, social, technological, economic and aesthetic values and is an indispensable material evidence for social development. . Therefore, protecting cultural heritage means protecting the inheritance of human culture, cultivating the foundation of social culture, maintaining cultural diversity and creativity, and protecting the continuous development of society.

Traditional festivals can arouse widespread attention from the media and the public. Culture is the sum of people's lifestyle, social system, behavior, and spiritual products. Traditional festival is a kind of cultural form created by people in the long historical development process. It is a complex cultural phenomenon that includes people's certain beliefs, emotions, concepts, rituals, customs and other factors. The state can adjust statutory holidays and tilt towards traditional festivals that need to be protected.

Week 1 Introduction to Design Theory and History
What topic interested you?

Throughout the history of art, religion seems to have a significant influence on the development of art. For example, Baroque art originated from religion and was popular in palaces. This reminds me of a question I saw in a book "Literary Memoirs" by Mu Xin "Art is so great, why should it be attached to religion?"

In this regard, I think that the reason why religious art can reach the height of "saturation and sublime" is that religion is highly valued in ancient times and has always invested heavily in religion. But this does not mean that only religious art can achieve it. It is just that religious art is so brilliant and too many, occupying our vision, making us feel that art is dependent on religion.

I think that since the 19th century, the special thing about modern art is that it has broken through the influence of religion and formed its own artistic track and evaluation system.
From impressionism to modernism to Dada, beasts, surreal...all this has nothing to do with religion. In other words, I think modern art tells us a truth: the evaluation of art and the achievements of art come from a complete and comprehensive history of art itself, in which the laws of art itself are always at work, not others.

The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.                    The love is there —— We just need to communicate better.